4 Ways to Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

You are interested in finding out how much traffic a website gets. But you do not own the site. This could be your competition or you just simply interested in the niche/website. If you did own the site, there are so many ways you could see and analyze the web-traffic such as Google Analytics. Below I will list 4 ways to find out how much traffic a website gets.
how much traffic a website gets
1. SEM Rush – Personally, this is my #1 go to site for website organic traffic analysis. Simply put in the website URL and it will generate a report showing how the site has performed organically over the time. It includes all the keywords the site is ranked for in Google and how much traffic each keyword is responsible for. If you scroll to the bottom of report, you can also see the complete backlink profile of the site. Click here to access SEM Rush website.

2. Alexa – Almost every webmaster is aware of their website’s Alexa number. It shows how popular a website is in comparison to other websites in the world. The ranking metrics are based on unique visitors and pageviews. Higher the ranking, higher the traffic a website gets. Click here to access Alexa website.

3. Similar Web – One of the top website traffic analysis tool in the industry. The report includes a list of keywords the site is ranked for, how much traffic each keyword bringing in, how much time average user spend on the site, and so on. One key feature of Similar Web is that you can check traffic stats for apps and mobile sites as well. This report can be downloaded as a PDF. Click here to access Simliar Web website.

4. Compete – Almost exact same features as Similar Web. Unfortunately, you have to be a paid user to access many features. Data said to be collected through their own toolbars and ISPs reassuring the accuracy of the traffic. Click here to access Compete website.

Now you know 4 different ways to find out how much traffic a website gets. If you happen to use any other resources other than the ones I mentioned above, feel free to leave it in the comment section along with any other questions or comments you might have.


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