WordPress Update Services (Ping Services)

There are many reasons to why posts and pages in your WordPress website is taking longer to index or reflect changes you made on search engines. Apart from submitting a website sitemap to popular search engines, you can take the advantage of WordPress Automatic Update Services feature to ping services that you have modified your site’s content.

Update Services or Ping Services are web tools that notifies other services each time you modify or update the content of your website. These Update Services configure the Ping your website sent and forward to other services or update their index accordingly.

WordPress does this automatically by sending a ping to the Update Services you have specified on your Website.

What is a Ping

Ping is defined as an XML-RPC based push mechanism that a Blog, RSS feed, or Podcast utilizes to notify respective servers that its content has been modified, changed, or updated. Each time you modify or update the content of your WordPress website, Update Services send a ping. It is a great way to let the search engine bots to crawl or recrawl your content for possible changes.

How To Add Update Services to Your WordPress Website

WordPress makes it easier for you to add update services or ping services for your website. Go to your Admin Interface of your WordPress installation.

Then select Settings > Writing > Update Services.

You can see a list of Update Services listed here that your WordPress website uses to ping other services each time you make a change or update your content.

Screenshot shows how to update WordPress Update Services or Ping List through WordPress Admin Dashboard.

By default, WordPress uses Ping-o-Matic Update Service. Ping-o-Matic is a Update Service Tool that pings to many other services that your website and its content has been updated.

You can access Ping-o-Matic Update Services here: https://pingomatic.com/

Updated List of WordPress Ping Services

As search engines are advancing their website crawling bots and capabilities, your WordPress website can still benefit from these Update Services or Ping Services.

Following XML-RPC Ping Services are still active today and you should consider adding to your WordPress website as needed.


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